Children at our Centre experience:

Our attractive surroundings offer a warm and homely environment to our children and is open 7.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

We place a distinct emphasis on developing a child’s whole self through holistic development, providing quality experiences.

  • high quality teaching, care and activities,
  • low teacher to child ratios,
  • age-appropriate educational programmes delivered by a team of dedicated and qualified teachers,
  • teachers respond to each child’s developmental needs and requirements,
  • an emergent curriculum based on children’s strengths and interests, and
  • strong parent/whanau to teacher relationships and communication.

Our Teaching Team recognises the importance of forming strong teacher/parent partnerships and respecting and supporting the child-rearing beliefs of different cultures.


Mairangi Bay Preschool Learning Areas

Under 2’s Room

This space is for our youngest children – our infants and young toddlers. Our teaching team in the Babies Room is made up of Stephanie and Jenny. Our small group size, carefully selected resources and our gentle and caring teachers are what makes such a high quality room for our under two’s.

Room Vision:

  • Foster a sense of security and belonging for children and their families.
  • Offer a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow.
  • Are sensitive to the emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children.
  • Provide interesting and meaningful provocations and activities to stimulate the minds of the children.
  • Build respectful and trusting relationships with the children and their whānau.
  • A caring environment where the babies experience memory and sensory skills,
    Neural pathway development
  • Baby Sign Language
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Over 2’s Room

The Over 2’s Room is the final room in the centre, catering for our children aged 2 to 5 years. Nikki, Renee,Esther and Bonnie work together in the Over 2’s Room to provide a fun and stimulating learning environment where children are encouraged to further develop their thinking and explore their working theories at a deeper level. Research, discussions and group work play a very important role in the success of this room.

Room Vision:

  • instill a sense of belonging and we encourage the children to be confident and capable learners.
  • celebrate each other’s backgrounds, cultures and strengths.
  • inspire each other.
  • make discoveries and enjoy learning together.
  • trust each other and respect each other and the environment.
  • encourage the language of children and provide a fun, stimulating and safe environment.
  • work as a team and acknowledge the importance of learning and growing as teachers, constantly reflecting on our practice.
  • are passionate and committed to the high quality education and care of young children.
  • assist the children in a smooth transition to school by helping them to develop social competence, confidence and an excellent foundation to learning.

Transition to school

Our Transition to School Programme incorporates developing the necessary skills for School such as:

  • social and emotional competence,
  • concentration,
  • hand control and pencil grip,
  • sound and letter recognition,
  • identification of opposites,
  • group discussions,
  • number classification,
  • conflict resolution,
  • making school lunches, and
  • food group identification

We hope that when our children are ready to leave Mairangi Bay Preschool they are well rounded individuals with a healthy self-esteem. It is our wish that they are given every opportunity to fulfill their own potential.